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Support Groups

Support Groups
Vision, service and community support were integral in the founding of Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC) 100 years ago, and remain the cornerstone of the institution today. OIC is so fortunate to have a network of groups called "support groups" which are comprised of individuals who come together to further the mission of OIC in their own, unique way.

Support groups are the spirit of OIC. You can't go more than a few feet on our downtown campus, westside campus, or at our International Children's Program Clinic in Calexico without seeing what happens when members of our support groups care. From state-of-the-art equipment to play rooms for children, much of OIC capital and programming needs are in place because of the generosity of these dedicated groups. In a very important sense, support groups have brought OIC's mission to life through their volunteer gifts of time and talent, as well as the many financial contributions they have made over the last 100 years.

Made up of caring, dedicated and diligent volunteers, the OIC support groups have chapters throughout Southern California that sponsor a variety of fundraising and special events, ranging from galas, luncheons, fashion shows, casino nights, horse shows, to bake sales and flower sales. OIC support groups provide specific and much-needed fund-raising and friend-raising services to the institution. Each support group represents the flavor of its local community, and brings scope and breath to OIC. Support groups bring their community to OIC, as well as bring OIC out to their community. Because of their commitment, our support groups provide many resources that promote the continuing of specialty care to children with crippling conditions, regardless of their families' ability to pay. 

OIC support groups include:

Support group membership is a satisfying and rewarding experience. It is a service to both OIC and to the community.
For more information, or to join a OIC support group, please click here or call the OIC Volunteer Services Department at (213) 742-1534.