Phone List

Department Secondary Listing Contact Phone Fax
Administration     213-742-1102 213-742-1435
Advancement Office     213-742-1500 213-742-1504
Patient Billing Office     213-742-1068 213-742-1080
Human Resources     213-742-1153 213-742-1157
Its A Bargain Thrift Shop     213-742-1478 213-742-1072
Laboratory  Computer Modeling Lab Zhen Lu, Ph.D  213-742-1065  
Laboratory  Bone and Tissue Biomechanics  Sang-Hyun Park, Ph.D 213-742-1443  
Laboratory  Implant Retrieval Analysis  Pat Campbell, Ph.D. 213-742-1134  
Laboratory  Biomaterials, Particle and Ion Analysis  Fabrizio Billi, Ph.D. 213-742-1352  
Laboratory     Harry McKellop, Ph.D. 213-742-1440  
Laboratory  Implant Biomechanics  Eddie Ebramzadeh, Ph.D. 213-742-1378  
   Implant Biomechanics  Sophia Sangiorgio, Ph.D. 213-742-1370  
 Media Contact    Wileen Hernandez 213-742-1501  
 Medical Magnet School     213-765-2088  
 Orthopaedic Institute for Children     213-742-1000  
   Appointments   213-741-8330  
   FAX Referrals   213-741-8338  
   Urgent Care Department   213-742-1162  
   Outpatient Medical Center   213-741-8330  
   Everychild Playground  Barbara Murray 213-742-1532  
 OH  Research Center, UCLA   310-983-1458  
 Orthopaedic Hemophila Treatment Center     213-742-1402 213-742-1103
 Orthopaedic Institute for Children  Santa Monica Referrals and Information   424-259-6593  
 Orthopaedic Institute for Children  Calexico   760-357-3931  
 Renee and Meyer Luskin Childrens Clinic     424-259-6593  
 Santa Monica UCLA Medical Center and Orthopaedic Hospital Information     424-259-6000  
 Volunteer Services Department     213-742-1532  
 Volunteer Information    Mary Beth Perrine 213-742-1534