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Holiday Tradition of Giving

Monday, December 2, 2013

No Charge for Children from Around the World

Holiday Tradition of Giving



WHAT:The next International Children's Program (ICP) clinic in Calexico, CA will take place in December, and Santa will be there for the kids, passing out presents generously donated by Ringo Starr. Christmas in Calexico is a holiday tradition of Orthopaedic Institute for Children (OIC), whose ICP arm provides international patients with year-round, no-cost medical care. Over 20 volunteer staff members from OIC, including core faculty, fellows and high school students, will attend. The ICP is funded by donations.  

WHEN:Friday, December 13 - Saturday, December 14

WHERE:Valley Orthopaedic Clinic 
Orthopaedic Institute of Children
352 East 1st Street,
Calexico, CA 92231

RSVP:To join in, please contact Wileen Hernandez at (213) 742-1501

WHY:Desperately seeking orthopaedic care for their children, families from several countries travel long hours, sometimes days, to attend the ICP clinics in Calexico. Children receive a full examination, and, following diagnosis, are provided with prescribed care at OIC facilities in Los Angeles, all at no charge to the families. Visas for their visits are paid for and handled by OIC and the Department of Homeland Security. The ICP arranges complimentary transportation and housing for family members accompanying a child receiving surgery. The ICP has improved the lives of more than 100,000 children since its founding.

HIGHLIGHTS:Over 1,000 patient visits annually are treated by OIC physicians through the ICP, free of charge. Eight clinics a year take place in Calexico and three in Mexicali, Mexico. The ICP offers egalitarian care for children with crippling disabilities without regard to economic standing, race or national origin.

ABOUT:The ICP was founded in 1961 by staff physicians and residents. The mission of OIC is to provide outstanding care for children with musculoskeletal disorders and to advance care worldwide, through medical education and scientific research. In partnership with UCLA Health System and jointly funded by OIC and UCLA, OIC is uniquely positioned as a leader in treating the full spectrum of pediatric orthopaedic needs.