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Four-Year Old Kenny From Haiti Receives Great News

Friday, April 5, 2013

Four-year old Kenny was adopted last month from Haiti by Susan, the grand-daughter of a Los Angeles Orthopaedic Hospital (LAOH) support group member, and her family.

While living in an orphanage in Haiti, Kenny was informed that his future mobility was threatened due to a hip infection which required immediate skilled orthopaedic care when he arrived in the U.S. Before Kenny had even made his way to California his mom was in touch with LAOH to make sure he had an appointment with Dr. Anthony Scaduto, LAOH President and Chief Executive Officer, for Kenny’s first appointment.

Pictured: Joanne, Kenny, Kenny's sister, and Susan.

Just last week Kenny and his family made their way from the state of Oregon to southern California to meet Dr. Tu, LAOH Pediatrician and Dr. Scaduto, LAOH President and Chief Executive Officer, for Kenny’s first appointment - and the evaluation revealed that Kenny doesn't have a hip infection after all! Kenny does walk with a slight limp but his growth plates are normal and he was told he will outgrow the limp.

We posted the good news and photos on our LAOH Facebook page, and his mom Susan shared the following comment: “Thank you to everyone who helped us get this appointment and for the good news!”

To hear more from individuals who have posted in response to Kenny’s great news and to view more photos of Kenny and his family at LAOH, visit us by clicking: LAOH Facebook