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My son is on a remarkable journey at OIC.

A Message from Donna Nelson, Zachary's Mom:

Eleven years go, Zachary changed my family's life forever. The day we welcomed him into the world was monumentally joyful. It was also incredibly painful after we learned that Zachary was born with a condition called deastrophic dysplasia. This rare disorder causes bone malformation, joint deformities and chronic pain.

Today, Zachary walks with the help of crutches. He also uses a wheelchair when he gets tired. But he never gives up. He loves to ride his bicycle and tow his dog, Wooly, along on adventures.

We can't make light of what he faces, but wiwth his tremendous spirit, the support of our family, the care we get at OIC, the personal relationship we have with Dr. Scaduto and the OIC team, we are able to make progress and share many moments of great joy.

As someone who has experienced the life-changing impact of the care OIC provides, I deeply appreciate everyone who supports Orthopaedic Institute for Children. On behalf of all the mothers, all the families, and all the children who benefit from receiving this care ... thank you.


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